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Full Version: Any review about multistars shared hosting service?
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Hi everyone,

I need a review about hosting service before I feel confident to place an order with them. I want to setup an ecommerce wordpress blog to sell products for Amazon (as an affiliate). Not sure whether their hosting service is reliable enough to run a profesional website. Anyone has any experience with them ?
I have never used their shared hosting service, but looking at their website I see they offer incredibly low price. I suggest you to open a support ticket to ask them a few question to see how fast they reply. Average response time in web hosting industry is 1-2 hours. I suspect with their low pricing policy you may need to wait for longer time.
I have sent them a ticket and they answered within 5 minutes. They showed me uptime report of their server, which was 100% in the last 30 days. I think I will go ahead to place an order with them shortly.

Thanks you for helpful advices!
I have just found this review

Maybe this provider is really providing good service.
I placed an order with them. The order was activated after about 3-5 minutes. Logged into their cPanel, imported my data, my site is up and running. The server is fast, so far so good.