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Posted by: bernard - 08-28-2018, 03:47 PM - Forum: Other Offers - No Replies
  • I have a personal interest in doing theme integration for Boxbilling. Boxbilling is an open source billing software. It is known to have many bugs, but I have corrected those bug, and will offer theme integration with the corrected boxbilling version (all bugs are fixed). Below is the detail plan:

    Boxbilling theme integration service: $50 / theme.

    Boxbilling theme integration + corrected boxbilling version + cPanel auto account creation: $600/theme

    Boxbilling theme integration + corrected theme version + Virtualmin auto account creation: $1000 / theme.

    Attached file is a screenshot that we did for one client. Please feel free to contact us at hostingsolutions AT yahoo.com.

    Thank you.

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Posted by: durand - 08-09-2017, 04:42 PM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (4)
  • We have been providing shared hosting business for a few months. Suddenly recently there was a customer who just signed up with us, then after a while he posted a negative review about our service on a public forum, that the server is "extremely overloaded" and "massive slow". We are of course very unhappy with this customer. The funny thing is we did a few tests to measure page load of his site, and the page load time to the test servers are always about 1-2 seconds. As a hosting provider, how do you deal with this customer?

Posted by: richard - 07-28-2017, 09:23 AM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (6)
  • Web hosting is an over saturated industry, with too many hosting providers. Each provider offers their own set of features in their shared server. If you are a customers, what are the features that you want to have?

Posted by: stevenson - 07-27-2017, 04:13 PM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (4)
  • As a regular hosting buyer, I always read reviews before placing orders with any new company. However, from my experience, the reviews that I read seldom correlate to the real personal experience. How about you? Do you read and trust those online reviews? Exclamation

Posted by: stevenson - 07-27-2017, 03:17 PM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (5)
  • I have a few wordpress websites, each sites has a few hundreds posts. My shared hosting provider suspended my account because of high CPU usage. They suggest me to upgrade to their VPS service, which is way more expensive than my existing shared hosting plan.

    From what I read, it is not reasonable to ask customer to upgrade to VPS because of a few small sites. If you are a hosting provider, from your experience, is it necessary for me to upgrade? In other words, in which scenario must I move my sites from a shared server to a VPS?

Posted by: agustin - 07-26-2017, 09:48 AM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (3)
  • I have encountered a problem with a few shared hosting providers. I can use PHP to list all usernames in /home directory. This is surprising for me, since this may be a security risk, allowing hackers to get quicker unauthorised access to users data on the server. What do you think? Should I run away from those hosts?

Posted by: daniel - 07-26-2017, 08:51 AM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (4)
  • SSD storage has become very common in the hosting industry. However, it is still a lot more expensive than HDD. For example, with the same hosting price, I can get about double the disk space if that is HDD than SSD. So I just want to ask whether it is worth to spend money to buy shared hosting that offer SSD storage? Should I just stick to the traditional technology, HDD, to get more space?

Posted by: santiago - 07-25-2017, 03:29 PM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (4)
  • Just about 5-6 years ago, the minimum price for shared hosting I found was about 3-4 dollars per month. Now I see a lot of providers are offering about $1/month. Due to inflation, price for goods and services should increase over time. However, after half a decade, the price for shared hosting reduces 3 times, instead of increasing. I'm sure providers are finding it hard to struggle with life.

    What you you expect from their service with such a cheap hosting cost?

Posted by: miguel - 07-25-2017, 07:09 AM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (4)
  • I have custom php script to automatically create and update post to my wordpress website. I can't find anything wrong with the codes of the scripts, but the script doesn't work consistently. Sometime it works and sometime it doesn't work. I have searched a lot but couldn't find any useful information from the internet. When it doesn't work, I got an empty output, instead of a standard json output. What would be the problem?

Posted by: dubois - 07-25-2017, 06:11 AM - Forum: Shared Hosting Discussion - Replies (4)
  • I am experiencing a weird problem with my site. In my country both https and http versions of my site works. I have set up a htaccess rule to redirect all http to https, to prevent duplicate content under the eye of search engines. In my computer everything works as expected. But my friend in another country said he cannot open http version of my site. He can open https normally. When open http, it is stuck and the browser scroll forever.

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