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What do you expect from $1/month shared hosting

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Just about 5-6 years ago, the minimum price for shared hosting I found was about 3-4 dollars per month. Now I see a lot of providers are offering about $1/month. Due to inflation, price for goods and services should increase over time. However, after half a decade, the price for shared hosting reduces 3 times, instead of increasing. I'm sure providers are finding it hard to struggle with life.

What you you expect from their service with such a cheap hosting cost?


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Actually this problem is easily understandable. Web hosting is classified as a technology job. Over time when the technology is better, more automation software are made, less human resource is needed to manage a server. One skillful person nowadays can manage many servers at the same time. Therefore the operation cost has been dramatically reduced over the past decade.


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What @robert said was very right. Paying salary to staffs accounts for the most part of a hosting company revenue. In the past one staff have to work hard but may only manage a few servers. Nowadays, they have to do less work, and each staff can take care of a few tens servers.

In addition, there is a strong shift of labor location. Nowadays, many hosting companies prefer to hire staffs from less developed country where low salary is acceptable. All of these factors explained why there was a big drop in hosting cost.

To answer your question, with $1/month, I will expect that I know how to manage every aspect of my site and do not need support. As long as the server is running, it is good enough.


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I cannot totally agree with your opinion. In shared hosting, it is a disaster if you don't provide support. Instead, you will have to excellent support to get your business grow well.

If you don't provide support, or unresponsive support, a few unhappy customers can scream out on the internet, and your business will be severely affected. You know, a common habit of potential customer is that they always do a quick review about a hosting provider before placing order. If your company has got a few negative reviews, potential customers will flee away immediately.


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When you're cutting the cost on shared web hosting, you're always paying somewhere.

Our company ( skillblade.com ) tries to be competitive but doesn't try to be "the cheapest". Why? Servers aren't cheap, support staff aren't cheap, and aiming to have the cheapest possible price point will mean you can't pay your staff and have to significantly increase the customer density per server just to cover the costs of the server, cpanel, and additional licenses.
When the server density is too high, customers will have slow websites. And because many of the 'cheap' or 'budget' providers skip the extra server costs that contribute to stability (like cloudlinux and kernelcare), they're essentially cutting corners on the performance they can offer their clients. The customer will be "paying" for it with a reduced site uptime.
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