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LiteWebHosting USA Web Hosting Offers Professional and Reliable Service From $0.49/mo

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Lite Web Hosting (also LiteWebHosting) is pleased to announce our premium web hosting service, starting from our FIRST CLASS hardware quality to the tier 1 skillful technical staffs. We are one of the very few providers that can offer really professional and reliable hosting service.

Tired of down time?

Our sensitive 24x7 server monitoring system will be triggered and notifies us immediately if anything not quite right starts happening. Technically it is not possible to have significant down time when we are there and take action and fix problems. In fact, over the past years, none of our servers have uptime that falls under 99.9%.

Tired of waiting for support?

At Lite Web Hosting, we always have staffs who are available ALL THE TIME to promptly assist any customer and any problem. If your ticket has enough details, most of the time your problem will be resolved within 5-10 minutes.

We manage our own servers!

Many hosting providers are resellers so usually if there is any technical problem, your ticket will be forwarded to the upstream provider. At LiteWebHosting, we own our servers and can login to servers with root permission to investigate and fix problems right away.

Ready to try our hosting service?

We offer 30-day money back guarantee to new customers. If there is any reason that you still hesitate from trying our service, please let us know!

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